How To Join Online Applications

​Other ways to join:

  1. You can print a paper copy (Individual App PDF, Corporate Member App PDF) and then mail it to the administrative office at the address below, or fax it to 855-918-3611.
  2. You can contact the PSOH staff for an application at 833-770-1553

Mailing Address:
​400 Winding Creek Blvd.
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

PSOH Membership Categories and Membership Applications

Physician members must be MDs or DOs and licensed to practice medicine in Pennsylvania or adjoining states. They should also have a demonstrated interest and involvement in the care of patients with hematologic and oncologic disorders.

Non-physician members can be allied health professionals, including registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists, cancer registrars and social workers or other health care professionals. They must be approved by the PSOH Membership Committee and the Board and have a demonstrated interest and involvement in the care of patients with hematologic and oncologic disorders.

Institutional/Organizational members are institutions or organizations that are active in the care of patients with hematologic and oncologic disorders.

Resident/Fellow members are physicians who are actively enrolled in a full-time residency program in hematology or oncology in Pennsylvania or who are in a fellowship program deemed appropriate by the PSOH Membership Committee.

Corporate Partners are pharmaceutical companies and other companies that provide products or services to be used in the care of cancer patients. Please see corporate membership application

Member Benefits

PSOH holds its day-and-a-half scientific meeting every September. The location rotates between eastern, central, and western Pennsylvania. The meeting covers a wide range of topics.  Click here for more information.

At the national level, PSOH is a state affiliate of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and has a seat on its Clinical Practice Committee.

At the state level, PSOH has a seat on the Medicare Carrier Advisory Committee. A cancer issue is discussed at nearly every meeting. PSOH also holds a seat on the Pennsylvania House of Delegates, which provides input to the Pennsylvania Medical Society’s Board of Trustees.

Legislative Advocacy
PSOH monitors state legislation and regulations that impact cancer care. The Society comments on a number of bills before the Legislature and collaborates with ASCO and other stakeholders to amplify its voice.

Member Communications
​Email allows us to provide members with timely information on issues affecting cancer care and on upcoming events. The PSOH website at and social media provide members with up-to-date information on the Society’s upcoming events, Medicare changes, and legislative and regulatory issues. It also has a job bank for career opportunity listings.

Membership Level

PSOH Membership Active Physician - 1 Year $150.00 (USD)

PSOH Membership Active Physician - 2 Years (5% discount) $285.00

PSOH Membership Active Physician - 3 Years (10% discount) $405.00

PSOH Membership Active Non-Physician $35.00

PSOH Membership Active Non-Physician - 2 Years (5% discount) $66.50

PSOH Membership Active Non-Physician - 3 Years (10% discount) $94.50

Resident - Free

Medical Student - Free

Emeritus - Free

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